Working for escapes.

I am physically bigger than most people and it is often a simple thing to merely power out of a hold than to use pure technique. I try as much as possible to avoid this and therefore if I find someone I am rolling with is putting on a hold and the only way out is to use power I usually concede the submission. It was pointed out to me, however, that this can lead to bad habits while rolling.

I guess its just as easy to go the other way entirely, to give up the need to try and work out an escape merely because the hold is being applied very well and you cannot see any other way out besides strength. What you would then miss is the opportunity to look at the current position and see if there is a way out that you haven’t perhaps thought of as yet and try it out.

This ties in again with the idea of relaxed sparring. If your opponent is intent on applying the hold with as much power as possible it is difficult to have the time to look for an escape, even if you do not know a specific one at the time. Merely having that extra second to assess the situation could mean the difference between giving up and a successful escape.

All this was lost on me last week however, as I felt that I had let myself (and my instructor) down by merely giving up on an escape. Fortunately I think he realised this and was kind enough to come over and have a one on one chat with me about it.

Never underestimate the power of a positive chat about your jiu-jitsu with your instructor, it can sometimes mean all the difference in the world….

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