Training without training.

It’s good to be back. The feel of the mat, speaking jiu-jitsu with fellow students, the awesomeness of the rolling. The Feastive season is over and I am training jiu-jitsu again, and its great!

Something that I spent some time doing in the off time was thinking about the previous years sparring and techniques learned and trying to find where my weak points are. I pictured the techniques in my brain and then thought about the next logical series of movements, trying to analyse and improve my jiu-jitsu technique. James has always spoken of visualisation and how it can be as good as the real thing, but I had never really tried it out.

To my surprise I found that it did indeed pay off. I found myself able to switch from one postion to the next without having to think to hard about it. It’s almost as if the time spent thinking about the techniques had trained my brain to react more quickly under the pressure of a live opponent.

I’m not saying that I am now suddenly brilliant, but I can definately see an improvement. I think I may do some more research on this.

On a less technical note, our first class of the year was a great one, Gary allowed us to roll for pretty much the entire class. Awesome way to start the new year!

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