An open letter to anyone who has ordered/wants to order a Gameness gi from Infinitus

As you know, Infinitus Jiu Jitsu is currently running on offer on Gameness gi’s from our website.

When I was contacted by Gameness, with the massive trade discount they offered, I jumped at the chance. Here was an opportunity to get some great branded gi’s at a really good price. Who wouldn’t want to take up this offer?

My goal was to be able to pass the saving onto anyone who ordered a gi. All I wanted to do was cover international shipping costs. So I calculated what I expected this to cost, based on a cursory investigation and posted the prices online.

Then I got a call from James (Smart, Gracie Jiu Jitsu Cape Town), someone who has already had experience in importing goods for his school. He pointed out to me that I had possibly not taken into account the 40% import duty I would be charged, as well as the 14% VAT (over and above the already 12% Sales Tax from the UK) I would be charged on the gi’s. A second round of research and more calculations and I posted an update to the offer and a new range of prices.

At this stage the prices displayed only take into account the following:

  1. Cost price to me for the gi’s in Rands (calculated at the exchange rate at the time)
  2. 12% Sales Tax on the cost price (UK Tax)
  3. 40% import duty on the cost price
  4. 14% VAT (SA) on the cost price

This price excludes any international shipping/handling/customs charge that may or may not still be added during the process.

Because this is the first time I have tried this I really have no way of telling 100% what the final price will be. I am hoping it will only be a small additional amount on top of the prices on the posted prices. There are online calculators and tools that I can use to do this. However, because I want to make sure that anyone who orders is charged only what it actually costs to import the gi, it’s difficult to calculate a final price. If I was adding say a 50% profit mark up I could use that mark up to cover any additional charges. The problem is, at this stage I don’t know entirely what these charges will be.

So in line with this I would like to make the following promises.

  1. Once I have all the pre orders, I will do my best to make sure that before you confirm and pay for your order I have taken into account all factors and can give you the closest accurate price possible. Having said that, once the gi’s actually arrive, there may be a small additional charge on the gi that you may be required to pay. I will do my best to ensure this is a minor amount.
  2. I will ensure that the total cost to you is only what it is costing to get the gi to SA and that I am making no profit on this order, nor do I want to.
  3. Once I calculate an estimated final price and you are not in a position to pay/not prepared to pay that amount, I will not hold you to your order. No money will be required by you until you confirm you are happy with the price.
  4. I will keep you up to date, via email, of every step of the process.

Once I have completed the first order, I will have a much better idea of the costs involved and hopefully the second option to order will be much smoother. (That or I’ll give up trying all together.)

If anyone has any questions about this, or wishes to change or edit their order, please do so via the order form on the original offer.

Infinitus Jiu Jitsu

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  1. Thanks for your efforts Jonathan! Not even a franchise as big as sportsman’s warehouse wants to do what you’re doing. I hope everyone who has ordered understands and appreciates this.

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